Our Preschool is governed by a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors composed of parents, community, and church members. The Parent Representative who serves on the preschool Board represents any parental viewpoints at Board meetings and handles any parent concerns.

We are located in the Berkeley Hills Lutheran Church, in the North Hills.

Director:    Mrs. Bobbie Phelps

Teachers:  Mrs. Bobbie Phelps

                  Mrs. Courtney Rohaly

                  Mrs. Chris Nolan


Aide:         Mrs. Katie Sutton

The closeness of the administration, teachers, parents and children is an advantage in our program  We work together as a team to meet the children's needs and concerns in a respectful and ethical manner.

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Bobbie Phelps

Director, 4s Class Teacher

Mrs. Courtney Rohaly

4s Class Teacher

Mrs. Chris Nolan

3s Class Teacher

Mrs. Katie Sutton

Teacher Aide

About Us