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Health Policy

Each family receives the following at our Visitation Day in September. 


To help our preschool students stay as healthy as possible, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME AS FOLLOWS:

1. VOMITING and DIARRHEA - until all symptoms subside for 24 hours.

2. FEVER - temperature should be normal for 24 hours before returning to school.

3. COLDS - until bad symptoms subside ( runny nose that is thick and not clear, racking cough, etc)

4. CONJUNCTIVITIS ( PINK EYE ) - until 24 hours after the start of appropriate therapy.

5. IMPETIGO ( and any infectious skin disease ) - until all areas are adequately treated and dry.

6. STREP INFECTIONS - until 24 hours after start of antibiotic treatment.

7. CHICKEN POX - one week after the last eruption and until all scabs are crusted and dry.


Parents can help their children maintain good health by:

1. Provide regular meals, particularly breakfast.

2. Regular bedtime.

3. Proper dress according to the weather.

4.Teaching and encouraging proper use of Kleenex.

5. Teaching proper and frequent hand washing.


These policies are strictly followed.  If a child comes to school sick, they will be sent home.

Children get sick on a moments notice.  For that reason, we ask that emergency phone contact information always be kept updated.   

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