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Snack Policy

Snack time is a special part of the day for our students.  At this time we are teaching the children sharing, consideration, concern for others and independence.  Your child's snack day is important and special for him/her.

Snack assignments are made on a rotating basis.  Families are notified using a monthly snack calendar posted on the Preschool information bulletin board as well as sent home.  The snack calendar can also be found on the For Parents page. Parents are responsible for snacks one day at a time and only for their child's class. 

A typical snack requires that the following be sent to preschool on your assigned day:

  •  individually bagged snack (1 per child)

  •  cups and napkins (1 per child)

We are always respectful of allergies among our students.  Families will be notified if we have any allergies among our current students and the limitations that will impose.  We ask that no  juice be sent in for a snack day. We will serve water.  One of the important phases of independence is teaching the children to pour their own drink from a pitcher.  The students do have some spills as they learn to pour, therefore, we ask that all juice be clear or light in color. 


We request a nutritious snack that is individually packaged.  Every child likes to help choose their snack for the day.  We suggest that you offer to your child a choice of two or three snacks that are within our nutritious, healthy and safe guidelines.  Only one type snack should be sent in per day. All children will not like the same snack and on those occasions graham crackers are available.  Listed below are SOME snack suggestions:

fresh fruit          jello cups         pretzels        yogurt    fish crackers       applesauce      


Teddy Grahams     pudding cups    animal crackers    Ritz Bits 


    finger jello     cheese & crackers packs

We cannot accept snacks which are known to cause choking in children.  We will NOT serve candy, nuts, or any form of small hard candy. Candy is never an acceptable snack.  Go-gurt (in the tube) will not be served. 

Because birthdays are so very SPECIAL we suggest sending in donuts or donut holes, smiley cookies, popsicles, etc.  Through years of experience we have found that children do not eat cake or cupcakes.  The snack or birthday child is then disappointed that no one liked their special snack.  Therefore, do not send in cake or cupcakes.  Sweet snacks, other than for birthdays, will NOT be served and will be returned. 

If you have a problem with a snack date, please consult with another parent from your class and adjust the snack chart on the bulletin board.  Never make changes on the snack schedule without notifying the other parent involved.  Please check the snack schedule often for your child's turn.

We welcome any suggestions to expand the snack suggestion list.  We do insist upon nutritious and safe snacks.  Your suggestions can be directed to your child's teacher. 

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