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Developmental Goals

Berkeley Hills Preschool is a developmental preschool, emphasizing the total growth of a child: physical, mental, social and emotional.  These children are active with their whole bodies as well as their minds. The school provides a rich learning environment where each child receives positive encouragement to progress at his/her own developmental level. All activities and materials are designed to accommodate the widely varying growth and developmental rates of preschool children. At Berkeley Hills Preschool, the children act upon the materials, they learn by doing.  Teaching is never accomplished by rote learning or drill.  Many materials are self-correcting and encourage problem solving and creative thinking on the part of the individual child. 

The academic program focuses on the whole child, as an individual and as a part of a group.  Children learn self-confidence and receive positive reinforcement when they are part of a group.  When children play together they learn: to help each other, to be a leader and to become a good group member, to share ideas and skills, all while they are continually improving their communication skills.  Play is vital for a focus on positive social skills and preparing for life's challenges.

 Berkeley Hills Preschool creates an environment that will nurture and bring out a child's full potential and still encourage freedom of choice and individualism.  The curriculum  is designed to aid in the development of a child's intellect as well as the physical, social and emotional skills that create good working and social habits during these formative and developmental years. 

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